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Adaptive wheelchair athlete and racer Natasha Price


Adaptive Athlete  |  Wheelchair Racer

Natasha Price is an elite adaptive athlete who has overcome significant health challenges to excel in wheelchair racing. A record-holder and international marathon winner, she embodies resilience and inspires others to pursue their dreams.

Natasha Price is an elite adaptive athlete known for her exceptional achievements in wheelchair racing. Her journey began in 2018, just six weeks after acquiring her first racing chair. In her debut marathon, Natasha raced alongside Paralympic and Commonwealth Games medalists and secured third place in the female category. This pivotal experience ignited her passion for competitive racing. By October 2019, she had won first place in the Auckland Marathon and swept the 100, 200, and 400-meter wheelchair events at the 2020 Queensland State Athletics Championships.

Natasha's path to success is remarkable given her significant health challenges. In 2008, she was struck by a rare relapse-remitting disease that left her nearly blind and paralyzed almost overnight. Three years later, another relapse resulted in total paralysis from the neck down for seven months. Despite these setbacks, Natasha's unwavering optimism and determination led to a remarkable recovery. She gradually regained mobility in her upper limbs and partial vision, enabling her to pursue an active and fulfilling life.

Her athletic endeavors are driven by a desire to challenge stereotypes and push the limits of what is possible. Natasha has faced and overcome numerous obstacles, proving that with self-belief and resilience, extraordinary achievements are within reach. Her story serves as a powerful testament to the limitless potential that lies within every individual, regardless of their circumstances.

Natasha continues to inspire others with her no-holds-barred attitude and dedication to her sport. She is a role model for anyone facing adversity, demonstrating that perseverance and a positive mindset can lead to incredible accomplishments. Natasha's journey is a beacon of hope, showing that life’s possibilities are endless for those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

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