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The Media8 Venture Studio combines the expertise of entrepreneurs, marketers, advisors and designers with capital raising networks to back new business ideas and bring them to life.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities while testing assumptions and validating potential solutions. If we like an idea, we put one hundred percent in and run with it.

Every great business began with the decision to try something new.

Our Process

We support each new business venture all the way through to launch and beyond.


We partner with entrepreneurs to explore exciting new business opportunities - testing assumptions, validating potential solutions, and designing business models to support the launch of new businesses.


Once we decide an idea is worth pursuing we’re all in. We provide strategic, marketing, design and advisory services to accelerate the development phase and get the business launched.


We don’t leave our founders high and dry when the business is launched. We provide ongoing support to ensure the business can operate and scale efficiently. 

How We Support Founders

Our experienced team can offer a wide array of support to new founders and accelerate the growth of the idea.

Branding & Identity Design

Marketing & Communication

Product Design

Sales Support

Capital Raising

HR & Talent Aquisition




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Bring your idea to life.

We're always looking for exciting new business ideas and driven founders to bring them to life.

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