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Taranaki airs basketball team in a huddle with a camera pointed at them



The Taranaki Airs represent the heart of basketball in New Zealand, proudly calling New Plymouth their home. They're a formidable force in the National Basketball League (NBL), captivating fans at the renowned TSB Stadium with their skill and passion for the game. Known as the Steelformers Airs, they carry the spirit of their sponsors with them onto the court.

In 2023, 25 million minutes of NZ professional Basketball were watched outside of NZ. This same year, the Taranaki Airs basketball team announced new owners - an Australian Media Company fronted by former NBA First Round Draft pick Chris Anstey.


With fresh investment, a focus on bringing a new level of professionalism to the club, world class talent and league winning aspirations, the Taranaki Airs have a lot to prove to fans and new owners alike in the 2024 season.


Already selling out to capacity crowds in 2023, with this new hope, new passion and new focus, 2024 is going to be one hell of a season.


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Media8 Sports and the Taranaki Airs as we bring to life the captivating stories of Aussie athletes on their quest for international success. Our documentary series will follow the exhilarating journey of these athletes as they train tirelessly, face challenges, and ultimately represent Australia on the international basketball stage in New Zealand.


Through immersive storytelling and intimate interviews, we will capture the triumphs, struggles, and unforgettable moments of these athletes as they chase their dreams with determination and passion. From the excitement of being selected for the team to the thrill of competing against top international talent, our documentary series will provide an insider's perspective on the journey to glory.


Your support is crucial in bringing this vision to life. By contributing to our fundraising campaign, you become a vital part of capturing and sharing the inspiring stories of Aussie athletes with the world. Together, let's celebrate the resilience, dedication, and camaraderie of these athletes as they embark on this remarkable journey with the Taranaki Airs.

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